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Department of Economics
Date of Establishment: 1968
Learning Resources:
Books in the Department Library 55
Journals and Periodicals subscribed 02
Teaching Staff
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    Unique Achievements/Innovative Practices of the department:

  • Conducted Inter disciplinary program Economics and Zoology- Fish Marketing Economy which is helpful aquaculture and Economy, with a panel discussion among the students.
  • Regarding healthy practices, seminars on Ragging and Communal Harmony were conducted..
Sl.No Date Conducted through Dept/JKC/DRC Nature of the Activity Title of the Activity No.of Students partcipated Details of the Resource persons Brief report of the Activity
1 16/10/2012 Economics Dept. in collabration with Dept of Micro-Biology One day workship, District level competation on EssayWriting, Painting, Paper Presentation,Quiz. Conservation of Bio-Diversity Stduents from various Colleges of W.G.Dist. Dr.Raju Kumar, Sr. Scientist, Y.S.R Uninversity of Horticulture Importance of Bio-Diversity & Creating awarness on conservation of Bio-Diversity & Protection of Nature
2 10/12/2012 Economics,Hisotry & Politics Deptartments Guest Lecture World Human Rights Day Celebration 100 Students of all disciplines Dr.K.Jhanvi, Lecturer in Physics, SKSD Mahila Kalasala, Tanuku Bringing awarness about the human right of the citizens and then importance in the Socity
3 11/11/2013 Economics & Library Commity National Educational Day Celebration & 125th Birth Aniversory of Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad, the 1st Educational Minister of India National Educational Day Students of all disciplines Dr. M.Srinivas Prasad Principal SCIM GDC, Tanuku M.Syam Babu, Vice-Principal J.S.Ram Prasad Importance of Library and Book reading
4 19/11/2013 Economics & Library Commity Conducted Quiz competition Books & Authors at Town level on the eve of National Library Week Quiz competition 5 groups of 4 members in each group from different colleges around Tanuku Dr. M.Srinivas Prasad Principal SCIM GDC, Tanuku M.Syam Babu, Vice-Principal J.S.Ram Prasad Awarness about book reading
5 20/11/2013 Economcis Dept Sent 3 BA students to State Seminar at SCD GDC, Nidadavolu Suresh (II BA) D.S.S.G.Hanuman (I BA) and Vara Prasad (IBA) Women Entrepreaship prospects & challanges 3 Students from I B.A II BA Dr. Sk.Imam Khasim Principal SVDGD GDC(W), Nidadavolu M.Syam Babu, Vice-Principal J.S.Ram Prasad D.S.S.G. Hanuman of I BA secured II Prize.
6 10/12/2013 Economics Dept, History & Politics Depts Guest Lecture World Human Rights Day 80 Students of all disciplain P.Vijaya 1st Class Additional Megistrate District Court, Tanuku, Krishna Babu,Advocate. Awarness of Human rights & Acts available in protection of women from all disturbeances, atrocities in the Society
7 12/12/2013 Economcis, History & Politics Deptments in collabration with N.S.S team. Charcha Vedika - in Collbration with EENADU Votu Hakku Viniyogam - Prajaswamika Badhyatha 17 Students for discussion & 80 Students as audience Eenadu Media Members
Dr. M.Srinivas Prasad Principal SCIM GDC, Tanuku
M.Syam Babu, Vice-Principal.
K.Nelson N.S.S Co-odinator
Awarness of using adult franchise in electing the respresentation and importance of right to vote.
8 13/12/2013 Economics Dept, History & Politics Depts Field trip to Guntapalli Buddhist caves at Jilakarra gudem Field trip 60 Students from BA section Very importance, cace to know the economic conditions of the people of those days
9 21/1/2014 B.A Department & Humanities committee in collabration with D.E.O,Tanuku Essay Writing,Quiz,Painting, elocution competition on the one of National voters Day 2014 at Assembly Committee level General Election - 2014 150 Students from all colleges in Tanuku M.R.O of Tanuku,
District Tahsildar,
District Election officer, Tanuku
Awarness of the importance of Adult Franchise
10 25/1/2014 Economics Deptartment & N.S.S team Rally to Boys High School,
Tanuku on the event of National Voter's Day
National Voters Day - 2014 Students of all disciplines M.R.O, Tanuku
Tahsildar, Deputy Tahsildar
D.E.O & Other officials of Tanuku
Creating awarness about the vote in hand
11 11/7/2014 Economics Department Sent II BA & I BA students
D.S.S.G. Hanuman, Naveen, Prasanna Babu, Anandv Vara Prasad, Raghava, Basava Purnaiah & Anuradha to attend literary Competitions conducted at S.K.S.D college , Tanuku, on the event of World Population Day
Bharathadesa janabhivrudhi- Stireempabadutunda? - Essay Janabhavrudhi-Bharathadesa niki varama,sapama? - Elocution 7 Students from II BA & I B.A Dr. Aruna
Principal, S.K.S.D college, Tanuku
Dr. Radha Puspavathi
Reader in Economics,S.K.S.D college, Tanuku
D.S.S.G Hanuman won I Prize in Essay Writing
& Vara Prasad won II Prize in Elocution.
Special Prize was awarded to Hanuman in Elocution
12 18/10/2014 & 19/10/2014 Economics Deptartment Attended National Seminar along with 6 Students fron BA section at S.K.S.D Mahila Kalasala, Tanuku Financial Prelusion strategies - Role of SHGS & Micro Finance 6+2(Lectures)=8 Members from BA Department Prof. P. Vijaya Prakash
Vice Chairman, APSCHE.
Dr. R.Sudarsana Rao Former Prof. & HOD, Economics
AV. Vijay
Prof. Daniel Lazar, School of Management. Pondicherry University, Pandicherry
Importance of SHGS in the contearporary Indian Ecomic Situation which helps to achieve inclusive growth in India
13 30/10/2014 Economics Department Sent students from I,II & III BA sections Malala - Youngest Noble Peace Prize Winner -
the details behind the award
10 Students from I,II & III B.A Dr. Aruna
Principal, S.K.S.D college, Tanuku
Dr. Radha Puspavathi
Reader in Economics,S.K.S.D college, Tanuku
Discussion on the inspire in awarding Noble Peace Prize to Malala
I Prize was banged by D.S.S.G Hanuman (II BA) for his inspiring speech on this concept
14 11/11/2014 Economics Deptartment IQAC Sent 9 Students from BA section - 3 groups each with 3 students from each subject - Economics,History & Politics to participate in Quize competition conducted by S.V.R.K. GDC(Men), Nidadavolu on the event of National Education Day -2014 CAT -2014 9 Students Dr. George Victor vice Chancellor , AKNU,
B.Rama Kirshna , Lions Club President
K.Venkateswara Rao, Principal, S.V.R.K. GDC, Nidadavolu
D.V.Nagaswara Rao IQAC, Co-ordinator, S.V.R.K. GDC, Nidadavolu
D.S.S.G.Hanuman of II BA won II Prize in Economic
M.Valli of I BA won IV Prize in Economics
15 20/11/2014 Economics Department & History Committed On the event of 47th National Library Week from 14/11/2014-20/11/2014, compitations were conducted in essary writing & telugu poetry recitation on 16/11/2014. Students from II BA participated in the competition conducted at District Library, Tanuku. Works of Dr.K.Sudhakar's "Kumkuma Rajanu" 2 Students from II B.A section Vavilala Sarala District Chairperson,Swarna Lions Club
J.A.Subrahmaniam Reputed Audtior, Tanuku
Gamini Ram Babu, President, MANAVATHA
D.S.S.G.Hanuman of II BA won I Prize for Essasy Writing
G.Abhilash of II BA won II Prize for poetry recitation under senior categories.