Department of Physics
Date of Establishment: 1968
Learning Resources:
Books in the Department Library 100
Journals and Periodicals subscribed 05
Book Bank for SC/ST/OBC 70
Power Points Lessons 20 on Subject and 15 on General Physics
Question Papers Question Banks Study Materials Provided in all papers of Physics, Electronics and Computer Science in the reading Room of the Dept.
Knowledge Bank Provided Hard and Soft Copies of Biographies of Scientists, Historical developments in Physics and Different Branches in Physics, Including Documentaries of Memorable events in the Science and Technology.
Profile of the Department
Name of the Department Department of Physics (It includes Electronics & Computer Science)
Year of Establishment 1968
Courses offered by the Dept. B.Sc., MPC., Group (1969) B.Sc., MPE., Group (1989) B.Sc., MPCs., Group (2009)
Medium of Instruction Telugu & English
Sanctioned Strength for Intake
  • MPC … Group - 30Telugu & English
  • MPE … Group - 30
  • MP Cs … Group - 30
Sanctioned Teaching Posts 06
Sanctioned non-teaching posts 03
Infrastructure of the Dept.
  • Physics Laboratory
  • Dark Room Laboratory
  • Electronics Laboratory
  • Store Room
  • Computer cell
  • Staff room
Equipment All laboratories are well equipped with furniture and practical devices including Microprocessors and Microcontrollers
Teaching and Learning Resources
  • Dept. Library
  • Journals and Periodicals Cell
  • Book Bank
  • Question Papers
  • Question Banks
  • Study Materials
  • Power Points Lessons
Student Support Centres
  • Teacher Counselling System
  • Carrier Guidance Cell
Teaching Staff
Height Qualification
P.Suryanarayana Raju
Lecturer In Charge
Solid State Physics
Solid State Physics
Nuclear Physics
Guest Faculty – Comp. Science
Guest Faculty – Comp. Science
Success Rate of Student

    Activities of the Dept. in the Past Five years

  • Transit of Venus-6th June 2012 is and Innovative and Unique Programme conducted by the Department in the current year.
  • A trainedMaster Resource Person from VIGYAN PRASAR, Department of Science and TEchnology, Govt. of India, New DElhi acted as REgional Resource Person to transmit and train local resource persons on this Event in Both the West and East Godavari Districts.
  • Conducted live Camp in the premises of the College on 6th June 2012 to witness the wonderful event of the transit of Venus across the Sun from 5.30 to 10.20 AM.
  • Conducted an Awareness Programme on LEAF SECONG on 3oth June 2012 through a Pamphlet in the Town.
  • Trained Master Resource Person in HVPE in the District by CCE Hyd.
  • HVPE Training Programme for all the Lecturers in the District in three Phases.
  • Conduct of Training Programme for Teachers on Computer Skills.
  • Lead India 2020 Awareness Programmes.
  • Public awareness programme on the usage of Clay Idols of Lord Vinayaka to prevent water pollution and to save the nature.
  • Conduct of student rallies on social awareness programmes on literacy, RRC and health abd hygine.
  • Extinctions Lecturers by the faculty members of this dept. for other colleges.
  • Student centered(with only students on the dais) programmes in district level are conducted.

    Best Practies of the Departments

  • All curricular and co-corricular activities of the department are purely student centric, organized by the students only(student conferences,seminars, workshops on special occasions)
  • Society and community awareness programmes on Celestial Events regularly like Transist of Venus, Grouping of Planets and etc and other celestial events.
  • Community Extinction programmes on the awareness on the usage of Clay Idols for the prevention of Environmental pollution, Plantation, education for all, ban of usage of plastic and etc.,
  • Adoption of Lead India 2020 activities.
  • Complete student awareness on the activities of ISRO with documentaries and student conferences. quiz and G.D.
  • Interaction of old students of the Dept. pursuing Higer Education/ under employment with the present students to inspire them towards higer education / emplacement by giving proper guidance on the future plans and goals of the students.
  • Continuous internal assessment of practical work of the students is launched in this year(2014-15) for 10 marks per each practical done by the student.
  • Swachcha College with the spirit of Swachcha Bharat activity is initiated by the dept. on 08-10-2014in a big way.
  • Film club activities are periodically maintained by the dept.