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Vission, Mission & Goal


      The Government Degree College, Chintalapudi has a vision of transforming herself into a mighty symbol of an integrating force, pooling all the diverse resources of global knowledge for unifying into a harmonious whole and diffusing wisdom for a higher order of thinking.
  • To impart value-added quality education.
  • To transform the students of rural economically back ground SC, ST, BC sections into strong and capable citizens by bringing out the hidden talents in them.
  • To train the students in optimal utilization of modern technology.
  • To create the gender and caste identity consciousness among students.
  • To allow the innate skills of the students to blossom.
  • To make students as responsible citizens, who strive for national development and people’s welfare.
  • To create a sense of righteousness by growing universal human values in students.
  • To make an earnest attempt to increase  love towards language and expression by developing communicational skills.
  • To encourage the students to play their individual and common role in conserving environment.
  • To infuse self-confidence among women students and to strive for their empowerment by making them inclusive.


      Quality enhancement of Higher Education being the primary goal of all the Government Degree Colleges, the institution aims at expanding its awareness through academic and social activities by taking conception, planning, evaluation, and promotion and sustenance initiatives to secure better employability. Their pre-occupation with the latest methodology and community oriented training programmes with a special focus on reducing the Urban-rural divide and inculcating core values of life among the youth, would enable them to meet the requirements of the contemporary society departing from the traditional path of approach in the teaching learning activity.
  • To implement the curriculum introduced by Andhra University and make suggestions for it improvement.
  • To introduce courses that facilitate jobs not only at international and national level, but also at local level.
  • To introduce modern techniques, while following the conventional methods.
  • To conduct various activities to out the hidden talents of the students.
  • To organize guest-lectures and seminars by the experts to broaden the student’s curricular and intellectual arena.
  • To make the student witness a no-caste and gender discrimination society by involving all the sections of the students in all the activities.
  • To make students to make optimal utilization of modern technology.
  • To conduct training classes to the students and facuccffbblty for using the new technology.
  • To improve the physical and mental strengths of the students by conducting sports, games and NSS activities.
  • To celebrate days of national and regional importance to ignite a sense of reverences among the students towards nation.
  • To maintain intimate relation with the student by solving his/her academic and personal problems through ward system.